Itchy palms and other "superstitions"

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Merry Meet everyone,

Forgive my off the wall question - but does this happen to anyone else? when my right palm itches (yes my hands are clean) I physically tend to come into money - be it a quarter or a $100. But the money is always in my hand - as opposed to getting my paycheck deposited. When my left itches I seem to be paying out the cash for something unexpected. I tend to bless the money whether it's coming or going :-)

It's been happening for years. More to the point it began happening around puberty when I was informed by my grandmother of the "gifts" that come from her family line. It seems I have a great grandmother somewhere that was full Cherokee and perhaps a medicine woman. Anyway now that I am on this path, a great many things - very strange things - that have happened in my past area starting to make sense.

Has this or any other quirky things happended to anyone else?

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    Re: Itchy palms and other "superstitions"

    Thu, September 2, 2004 - 7:34 AM
    I was always told by my granma & mom that if my right palm was itching, then money would be going away, but if my left palm was itching, money would be coming to me.

    Maybe it's different for people who are left-handed instead of right-handed. Hmmm...

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      Re: Itchy palms and other "superstitions"

      Thu, September 2, 2004 - 8:38 AM
      Ok my grandma had written it down in her book (I think it is a BOS, but she just swore it was a 'family history and recipe holder' lol-ok gramma--)

      she says
      "whichever hand you would pay out money with (ie if you are right handed) if it itches you will lose money/pay out money, if the opposite hand that you would pay out money with itches money will come to you"

      so take that for what it is worth. and yes for some reason it seems native american related as my GREAT grandmother (grammas mom) was full blooded cherokee.

      I probably should re read grammas book ;)

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        Mon, October 4, 2004 - 12:27 PM
        Okay so if it's whichever hand you would normally pay out money with - you will loose money - what about he drive thru? There you almost always pay out on the left with your left hand. That doesn't mean you would choose to though so how does it work???? ;-)
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    Thu, September 2, 2004 - 9:47 AM
    left is receiving...right means you are writing a check

    yes, it happens
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      Wed, April 15, 2009 - 6:37 AM
      Hi Libby, I am new to this site, I was looking for the answer to itchy palms. I here so many different opinions on this. I was told if your palm is itchy to "scratch it with your thumb and money will come" Then as I grew older it was Right to receive and Left to receive". And also if its your right hand itches to NOT scratch it for it will take then money away and if the left one scratches it doesnt matter if you scratch it that money will be leaving your hands.... I am so advice ??
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        Thu, April 16, 2009 - 9:35 AM
        If your palm itches - scratch it. In general folk aphorisms have been passed down orally for so long they are all but meaningless. Remember the game 'telephone'?

        Now. That said, if your palm itches consistently in a certain situation, or around a particular person, a certain phase of the moon, or any other correspondence, then you have an association which should be looked at more closely.

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    Tue, May 29, 2012 - 2:34 AM
    My hands itch right before receiving money, including money deposited in the bank. I am curious about what causes it. It feels like a spirit is lightly running their fingers across my palms, which tickles or itches. I almost always feel it in both hands which usually means that I will go shopping or pay bills with the money. Sometimes the larger the amount of money, the more intense the sensations are in my palms.

    I have an online business and Paypal's emails telling me "I have received a payment" sometimes get misdirected, my hands always tell me when a payment comes in....Intuition over technology.

    Apparently. this superstition is real.

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